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NewSmart Flexible Reliable business Epsilon-Cloud!

Εpsilon-Cloud is an ideal, innovative business management solution, which has as main features the complete adaptation and full automation requirements coverage of any  small medium enterprise (SME). It is aimed at companies in Greece that trade in the following sectors:

  • Business & Project Management
  • Product and Service Marketing
  • Health
  • Transfer
  • Industrial Machine and Equipment Maintenance Service

οr in whichever specialized field needed.  It is developed by using equally the innovative design, stability, safety and all the operations offered by the ultimate international platform DRUPAL, which has over 1.000.000 successful websites running on it and over 20.000.000 activate users worldwide. 


Epsilon-Cloud is the most flexible, complete, affordable and user-friendly application, which brings the strength of the real Cloud to every entrepreneur and make the informatics evolution available for every business.

Epsilon-Cloudconnects with and converts a traditional cash register system to a powerful digital cash system with abilities and tools that complete IT – service systems offer.

Epsilon-Cloud provides a built-in e-shop, corporate website and app as well as the internationally unique solution Epsilon-CloudAll in One.

Epsilon Informatics,  reaching 30 years in informatics area, gives at the first 30 people who show interest the opportunity to obtain COMPLETELY FREE  the platform Epsilon-Cloud*

*Necessary condition that they belong to different business  areas and up to two businesses of the same  area.



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