The place in which we envisagewe planwe implement!

Epsilon Informatics has created, in a proprietary especially designed area, a highly equipped technical department and an information system design and development department. A business-friendly and pleasant working environment
with modern technological, physical or not, equipment which can cover all the requirements of a project fulfillment and the needs of the people working on it.

Some of the provisions of Epsilon Informatics are the following: network servers and central network-attached storage system, modern network infrastructure and modern IP telephony center, multiple Telephone and Internet services providers, private cloud services environment , last generation PC’s, projectors, interactive panels, photocopiers, multifunction devices, printers etc.

The workforce of Epsilon Informatics consists of executives covering a substantial part of the scientific informatics fields. They have a particularly high academic level and technological training
as well as considerable experience in application development with the latest methodologies and application architectures.

You will find us


  • Address: M.Botsari 125, 54453, Toumba, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Telephone: 2319 999 777
  • Fax: 2310 919 505
  • Email: