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The new service  Digital Accounting by Epsilon Net is an evolved service  for document management, which is based on advanced technologies for document digitalization and manages as an integrated process the document registration from scanning till accounting record and archiving.

It is about a simple and understandable process, which covers compatibility with most of the devices of the mark. Digital Accounting can operate independently of the accounting application and without Internet too. 

The next step from document scanning is directly the accounting application without any intermediary steps, without installation or further modification, without charges based on the documents’ amount and it operates in books of type B’ and C’.



No extra Charges

The document digitalization service Digital Accounting is offered for a price of 199€ without extra charges based on the documents’ amount. With the activation of service, the processes start continuously, and without document charges.

Simple scanning process

Simple scanning process and automatic direct transfer (from scanning to the application), without intermediary steps, installations or further modification.

Processing speed and display

The On Premise operation reduces the time of the process from scanning to the document display on user’s screen. There is no need for Internet connection and so the access and the display of the files are not dependent from the speed of each customer’s network. Processing speed and display of the documents at the maximum without the involvement of others.

Combine Digital Accounting with Hardware Kodak alaris

You can combine the purchase of  Digital Accounting with the scanner  Kodak Alaris i2420 with 3 years warranty in case of on-site replacement. The Kodak Alaris series was awarded for the second consecutive year the  "Scanner line of the year" from Buyers Laboratory, major rating agency, for the high performance, the significant reliability as well as the unique software.

Take advantage of  the ultimate scanning technology Perfect Page*1 only for a price of 530 €.
The tender is valid only for the first 200 expressions of interest.

Automatic data recording

There is the option of automatic data recording to Epsilon Net applications Hyper & Extra Accounting. Time saving without any further action from the user with document update directly at the accounting application which he uses.

Automatic archiving

After the scanning and the data recording at the accounting applications of Epsilon Net, the next step is archiving without any further processes from the user. The organizing of the documents is now an automatic process at the works of technologically updated accounting office.

Checking process

The checking and searching process of the produced documents is now made with great ease, so that the user can make directly changes or modifications.


Digital Accounting operates with scanner, mobile phone or tablet and it is compatible with most devices of the market. There is no need for purchasing a special device in order to get the application running. Immediate installation and operation at the user’s device.

Concurrent operation

The application operates perfectly and doesn’t burden or get burdened by the operating system of your device. The applications running on your device can operate without interruptions, as Digital Accounting applies the digitalization of the documents.

*A) The Digital Accounting service is offered only for accounting offices 
 B) The tender is valid only for active contracts 
 C) Max companies amount per user = 100

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