Trust us for our reliability.your development.your evolution. your success.your future.

Η Epsilon Informatics was founded by executives with important experience in integrated solutions at Informatics and Telecommunications sectors. Having great expertise, Epsilon Informatics remains since the early 1990s  a leading player in the market of Northern Greece in the sectors of informatics and technology. Gaining the trust of significant organizations and companies which are retained in the list of customers, Epsilon Informatics manages to become at the same time associate of major companies in the field of Telecommunications and Information Technology, that are using the services in the implementation of great έργων projects in the national as well as the European market.

Business Philosophy

The formulation of complete solutions, the development and evolution of the provided services with new, innovative applications, the infrastructure creation and the extension of collaborations, constitute the strategic objectives of the company’s philosophy with a view to contributing stable relations, providing high quality of services and complete coverage of each customer’s needs which is the main guiding principle of Epsilon Informatics policy.

The company wishes and ensures to attach great importance to the provided services and determine relationships of harmonious cooperation and trust, which are based on the complete reliable coverage of customer needs and on the right and precise supply of the services.

In the light of their wishes and requirements, we guarantee that our services satisfy even the most demanding of them. Our desire is the establishment of a climate of mutual trust, which ensures the success and sustainability of our cooperation.

Corporate Objective

The principal aim of Epsilon Informatics is the development of a wide range of services & integrated solutions being offered, and their enhancement with new innovative applications in the rapidly developing sector of Informatics, Technology and Internet. 

Epsilon Informatics urges the importance of the creation of permanent infrastructure and of long-term collaborations in the field of the alternative provisions of Telecommunication services, as well as the  international  orientation and  penetrating new markets.

This movement is the key strategic policy for development, which brings added value to the overall presence of the company.

Distinguishing Marks

The features which outline Epsilon Informatics are the following: 

  • Technical knowledge and professionalism
  • Trustworthiness, consistency  and flexibility
  • Respect and stable customer base
  • Leading role over time in the northern Greece market
  • Top-level expert workforce
  • User-friendly and innovative solutions giving the best quality/price ratio

The ongoing success of Epsilon Informatics over time is due to: 

  • Highly skilled members with experience, desire to work and higher education levels
  • Provision of quality services taking account of the experiences of the continuous support and service of large customers
  • Assurance of the high quality by constant development of the technical knowledge, modernization, notable building facilities and collaborations
  • Strong sense of responsibility which obtained us long-term relationships with our customers, gained us our supplier’s confidence for the promotion of their products and the general recognition by co-operators and competitors.

Our History